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  • Ascended

    Ascended are beings who achieved another dimension. They were nearly wiped out a long time ago.[[Nekboah]] was an Ascended.

  • partially ascendant

    Partially Ascendant have unlocked some of the secrets of extra-dimensionality and manifest them in the form of sorcery and psionics.

  • barefaced wolf

    Barefaced wolves are about the size of a large wolf, with a mane of dark fur along the back of their shoulders. They are dark brown with spots of gray. They can pull back the skin and muscles on their face to create a disturbing effect. First encountered …

  • Fire cloud

    This was released by [[Fil garil]] on [[Torlin]]. It appears to grow the more it burns, and will spread out to the most flammable object and devour it. Normal weapons do not appear to have any effect on it, and only very large quantities of water will …

  • Shriiks

    Shriiks are small avian sentients. They attacked PP-1 during [[Contact]] on the plane [[Torlin]].

  • Piercer

    Piercers are fey made out of thorns. They can hide very well in brambles and can shoot thorns with great accuracy without being seen. They were encountered on [[Torlin]]

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