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  • Nekboah

    Nekboah was the [[Ascended]] encounter in [[No turning back|Episode 1]]. He was in the [[coffin]] that he hid in when the Ascended were nearly wiped out. He programmed his to activate when another Ascended was near. His coffin was activated when [[Mazasha …

  • Molmara Tares

    Molmara Tares was one of the first teams to join the [[Planeshifter Project]]. The team consists of Cartoth, a shortish human with dwarven features, Ecterak, leader of the team, a tall, thin elf, Olli (human) and Slithiog, a human with orcish heritage. …

  • Fil garil

    Fil lives on [[Torlin]] and released the [[fire cloud]] during [[Contact]].

  • Ecterak

    Ecterak was a powerful wizard on [[Torlin]]. PP-1 went to find him when they needed help with the [[fire cloud]] during [[Contact]]

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