PP-1 is sent on a rescue mission for Molmara Tares, who missed their return. PP-1 travels to the plane, which will be called the Gate Plane. The tracker determines that Molmara Tares stayed in the area for awhile after heading purposefully in a westwardly direction. After a few hours of travel they see a member of Molmara Tares coming towards them, far in the distance. As they pick up they pace, PP-1 is attacked by several Rat Creatures of the Gate Plan and a vicious bird of prey. By that point the member of Molmara Tares’ team gets to them. it turns out to be Cartoth, a human. He says they must leave the plane immediately. They determine he is under magical influence. Following the original tracks, they get to the entrance of a cave. After going in they set off a trap but manage to survive it. The pirate fall through a magical hole in the ground and endsup in the lowerlevel of the cave. After everyone else follows him down, they hear a deep voice in the other room. Going through the door they see Ecterak, the leader of Molmara Tares. Obviously otherwise controlled, Ecterak attacks PP-1. They subdue him and take him back to the entrance of the cave, where they are attacked by a swarm of spiders and a Cigar-Lighter. Defeating the Cigar-lighter and fleeing the spiders, they return to the Shifter.



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