The beginning

There’s an archeological dig site, uncovering an old city for evidence of how the civilization dealt with the lack of metal. Zach’s character is a second lieutenant in the marines and is the liaison between the dig site and the military. Holly is a guard on site. Mazasha is a hermit who’s home is being disturbed by the dig. Rick’s character is a pirate, there because the land is owned by the captain of his ship and he is to make sure nothing bad happens to it. When a strange stone is found, Mazasha and Zach try to interpret the writing on it, and when they can’t, they try to move it with the help of Rick. The ground caves in under them and they tumble down a long staircase. The room at the bottom has an archway in one side, and when they go through they encounter Nekboah. After leaving the site, they are taken to a strange military base by somebody name Mr. Stringer. They are debriefed on their experience by General Travis, who then fills them in on the details of the Planeshifter Project, the base of which they are on. They join the project. After training are sent another plane which the team decides to call Area 51. There they encounter some barefaced wolves which they handily defeat and return to the base. They decide on naming their team Planeshifter-Project-1, or PP1, or Papa Papa 1.



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