PP-1, minus Mazasha, prepares to go a currently counterminious plane. Right after shifting, the ground under the planeshifter erupts. A large cloud of fire, apparently sentient, starts burning down the town that the planeshifter was in the center of. After crossing over a large river with the rest of the townspeople, PP-1 finds that Fil-garil, a scientist of somewhat questionable wisdom, is responsible. He says that the only person able to counteract the cloud is his old teacher who lives at the top of the tall mountain to the northeast. After travelling through the pine forest and up the mountain, they encounter the wizard, living in a cave with lighting arcing through the air. After finally being convinced to help, he and PP-1 dive off the mountain and blast themselves into the river near the town. Building up a huge amount of water from the stream, the wizards blasts it off in the direction of the cloud and ends it. He then shifts the party back onto their plane, albeit on top of a large rock spire.



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