PP-1, minus Mazasha, prepares to go a currently counterminious plane. Right after shifting, the ground under the planeshifter erupts. A large cloud of fire, apparently sentient, starts burning down the town that the planeshifter was in the center of. After crossing over a large river with the rest of the townspeople, PP-1 finds that Fil-garil, a scientist of somewhat questionable wisdom, is responsible. He says that the only person able to counteract the cloud is his old teacher who lives at the top of the tall mountain to the northeast. After travelling through the pine forest and up the mountain, they encounter the wizard, living in a cave with lighting arcing through the air. After finally being convinced to help, he and PP-1 dive off the mountain and blast themselves into the river near the town. Building up a huge amount of water from the stream, the wizards blasts it off in the direction of the cloud and ends it. He then shifts the party back onto their plane, albeit on top of a large rock spire.


PP-1 is sent on a rescue mission for Molmara Tares, who missed their return. PP-1 travels to the plane, which will be called the Gate Plane. The tracker determines that Molmara Tares stayed in the area for awhile after heading purposefully in a westwardly direction. After a few hours of travel they see a member of Molmara Tares coming towards them, far in the distance. As they pick up they pace, PP-1 is attacked by several Rat Creatures of the Gate Plan and a vicious bird of prey. By that point the member of Molmara Tares’ team gets to them. it turns out to be Cartoth, a human. He says they must leave the plane immediately. They determine he is under magical influence. Following the original tracks, they get to the entrance of a cave. After going in they set off a trap but manage to survive it. The pirate fall through a magical hole in the ground and endsup in the lowerlevel of the cave. After everyone else follows him down, they hear a deep voice in the other room. Going through the door they see Ecterak, the leader of Molmara Tares. Obviously otherwise controlled, Ecterak attacks PP-1. They subdue him and take him back to the entrance of the cave, where they are attacked by a swarm of spiders and a Cigar-Lighter. Defeating the Cigar-lighter and fleeing the spiders, they return to the Shifter.

The beginning

There’s an archeological dig site, uncovering an old city for evidence of how the civilization dealt with the lack of metal. Zach’s character is a second lieutenant in the marines and is the liaison between the dig site and the military. Holly is a guard on site. Mazasha is a hermit who’s home is being disturbed by the dig. Rick’s character is a pirate, there because the land is owned by the captain of his ship and he is to make sure nothing bad happens to it. When a strange stone is found, Mazasha and Zach try to interpret the writing on it, and when they can’t, they try to move it with the help of Rick. The ground caves in under them and they tumble down a long staircase. The room at the bottom has an archway in one side, and when they go through they encounter Nekboah. After leaving the site, they are taken to a strange military base by somebody name Mr. Stringer. They are debriefed on their experience by General Travis, who then fills them in on the details of the Planeshifter Project, the base of which they are on. They join the project. After training are sent another plane which the team decides to call Area 51. There they encounter some barefaced wolves which they handily defeat and return to the base. They decide on naming their team Planeshifter-Project-1, or PP1, or Papa Papa 1.

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